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Employment and social security law

The legal assistance and advice service (SAJEC) is an association aiming to assist businesses in managing their professional relationships with their staff, in particular providing advice on employment and social security law. SAJEC provides information to its members notably on:

  • Employment law issues (Section X of the Code of Obligations, Federal Act on Employment and specific laws governing employment relations)
  • Questions relating to work permits
  • Requests relating to social security.


The annual fee includes basic legal information. Requests which require more detailed advice are charged to members at an hourly rate, in addition to the annual fee.

This will apply in particular to more specific requests such as:

  • The drafting of employment contracts
  • The drafting of the company’s general employment conditions (regulations, etc);
  • Assistance during negotiations
  • Assistance during hearings and the drafting of legal documents for the purpose of proceedings before the Employment Tribunal of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.


The SAJEC team of post-graduate lawyers specialising in employment law is available on the telephone from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 12pm and between 2pm and 5pm.


a) Annual contributions

  • Member of FER Geneva : CHF 500
  • Non-member of FER Geneva : CHF 1,000
  • Member of CCIG : discount of 25%, giving CHF 750


b) Hourly tariff : CHF 250.-

Only those tariffs published by the SAJEC are legally binding