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ATA Carnets

An international customs document, the ATA Carnet (temporary admission) allows the temporary import of goods without payment of value added tax (VAT) and customs duties. ATA Carnets are issued and accepted in most countries in the world.



Simplified border crossing

A goods passport valid for one year, the ATA Carnet simplifies temporary border crossing. Importers and exporters use a single document for all their customs formalities.

All types of goods

Nearly all types of goods are covered: samples, professional materials and objects to be used at fairs, exhibitions and conferences. Only perishable products and merchandise to be used in processing or repair operations are not covered.

Surety solutions

The issuing Chamber of Commerce assumes the function of surety with respect to foreign customs authorities. To protect itself from risks, it asks each holder of the ATA Carnet to provide a financial surety. Since 2015, thanks to a strategic partnership with the insurance company SwissCaution, it is possible to establish ATA/CPD Carnets without depositing a surety on the part of the Carnet holders. As from July 1st, 2019, the holder of the ATA/CPD Carnet who wishes to make use of the financial surety offered by SwissCaution, has to pay the related fee online.

For this service, the CCIG applies a charge of 0.6% for members of the CCIG and 0.9% for non-members, calculated on the total value of the ATA/CPD Carnet.

Globally recognised know-how

The CCIG issues almost 3000 ATA Carnets per annum for a value exceeding CHF 1 billion.

ATA Carnet - The Passport for Goods

How is an ATA Carnet obtained ?

ATA carnets are issued, within 24 hours on business days, by Chambers of commerce and similar organisations, members of the international ATA chain of guarantee.

Carnets on-line

As of 1 January 2016, ATA Carnets must be filled in on-line at www.ataswiss.ch.