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Content marketing example: Swiss Search trends (Study)

Published on 17/02/2022
Content marketing is essential to attracting target users & growing business reputation. See an example of content marketing SEOTransformer published for the Swiss market!
As per our last content marketing initiative, we conducted a study on all the 26 Swiss Cantons' interests in Valentine's Day based on keyword research & Google search trends. Please find the link & enjoy the read! Why content marketing is key to your success online? Google ranks web pages according to the quality of content & code. It also takes into account user engagement metrics (ex. page views, time on the page..etc). Therefore it is essential to create and publish quality & optimized content frequently that your users like to read and engage with. How can we help you? 1. We define the main keywords and semantics that best describe your service to your niche audience. 2. We create quality & unique content representing your brand, applying the best writing & SEO techniques. 3. We optimize the page/website where the content exists. Get in touch if you need help!

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