Economic Intelligence

A practical method for acquiring and analysing strategic information in order to make the best decision, economic intelligence aims to provide strategic, enlightened and justified advice.


Geneva Intelligence is an independent firm providing strategic advice to its clients thanks to the multidisciplinary expertise of its analysts and its innovative tools such as its artificial intelligence solution, Gl2A.

It caters for different needs by offering a better understanding of the company’s environment and its competition, by supporting international development and assisting in the management of e-reputation.

Geneva Intelligence provides:

  • strategic intelligence to be aware in real time of the evolution of a company’s market
  • due diligence to ensure the reliability of its partners
  • sector and prospective studies to understand, anticipate and adapt to the risks of the sector and seize opportunities
  • e-reputation and e-influence to measure and promote one's brand image
  • training to sensitize employees to collective information management.

On any assignment entrusted to it, Geneva Intelligence grants CCIG Members a 15% discount.



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