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Swiss business travel to, and from the UK after BREXIT

  • Thursday 01 July 2021 11:00-12:00
  • Online
  • Organisation : Swissmem

The UK now has new trade agreements with the EU and Switzerland – these now regulate the movement of people and the trade in goods and services. Travelling to the UK for Swiss nationals is now subject to new labour market and immigration rules, and UK nationals now face new rules if they wish to travel to Switzerland and the EU for business visits and work.

The webinar will give the attendees sufficent information to understand the barriers they will face when workers enter the UK and UK workers need to travel to work in Switzerland and the EU.

The speaker:

Tim Thomas is an independent legal consultant, specialising in all aspects of immigration, employment and mobility law between the UK, Switzerland and the European Union. He advises large and small businesses on the trade implications of providing services across Europe and Switzerland, and the temporary movement of workers between the UK, Switzerland and the EU. He is a qualified UK lawyer who worked for employer associations in the UK and for the UK Government in Brussels.

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