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Trust in Institutional Interactions: Bridging the Gap - Partnership, Resources and Innovation

  • Le mercredi 16 octobre 2019
  • FER Genève, rue de St-Jean 98, Genève
  • Organisation : EU Business School

The 2019 Forum will seek to focus on the essential human element of trust, and how it impacts every interaction. Although solutions can be created, it is only through trust that we can truly achieve them.

EU Business School places great importance and recognizes the need for global leadership through collaborations. While producing ethical leaders with a global mindset is imbibed in our spirit, it is only through building trust that allows leaders to succeed. In a world beset with complexity, and where challenges transcend all human-made borders and barriers, trustwill be the most valuable asset we may be able to deploy.

This year we will engage with experts and strategic partners in delivering a world class event. This will help us to generate our research direction and identify how EU Business School can concretely contribute to outcomes recognised by the international community.