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The Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation


Commercial mediation is an amicable means of dispute resolution by which the parties request a mediator, a neutral and independent third party, to help them find an agreement to put an end to their dispute. In contrast with an arbitrator or a judge, the mediator does not issue an award or a judgment. Mediation relies on the will of the parties and as such, each of them may put an end to the mediation process at any time and without having to give a reason for it.

Adopted in 2007 by the Geneva Chamber of Commerce (CCIG), the Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation are made available to companies and individuals who wish to resort to mediation under strict confidentiality. Since 1 January 2018, commercial mediation files are directly handled by the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution (SCAI), a Swiss association founded by the CCIG and the Chambers of commerce of Bern, Ticino, Neuchatel, Vaud, Basle and Zurich.

For any information on the Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation, visit the SCAI website.