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Swissfirms is the main company database in Switzerland. It provides data as to geographical location, management and finance covering the 15,000 members of Swiss chambers of commerce. Every member company of the CCIG benefits from a free listing on Swissfirms.

All the data provided by companies is posted on the www.swissfirms.ch website. Data considered to be confidential can be deleted from the entry. Those companies who do not wish to appear on the internet may request to be coded separately.

Updating your entry

CCIG members may at any time update their entry on the swissfirms.ch website by login in with their username and password. The Swissfirms database is often used in the case of tenders and it is highly recommended that members ensure their entry is regularly kept up to date.

Showcasing your business

Companies wishing to increase their visibility on Swissfims may opt for any of the following:

Logo option

Annual fee : CHF100.- (+VAT).
The scroll-down company page includes the logo as well as up to ten images (products, buildings, management…) at the top of the entry in a standard template. There is no charge for this provided the company sends its logo (or other images) by means of the online questionnaire or electronically (email, USB key) in GIF or JPEG format, to a max of 80 X 200 pixels for the logo and for the images in either GIF or JPEG up to a max of 800 X 600 pixels. If these guidelines are not followed a charge of CHF300.- will be levied for the graphical implementation.

The « first » option

Annual fee: CHF 300.- (+VAT).
In either standard or advanced searches, the « first » option ensures your company always appears among the top results, together with your full details including the logo option as above.

To subscribe to a Swissfirms option, simply fill in the form and return to the CCIG.

Targeted search for partners

You may wish to search for specific details, such as the names of companies who produce foodstuff colourings in Geneva or a list of companies with over 200 employees in French-speaking Switzerland. The easy answer is to obtain it from Swissfirms according to various criteria in the form of an Excel spreadsheet directly from the www.swissfirms.ch English website under the heading “Purchase of corporate addresses”.

Searching on Swissfirms

More information on the Swissfirms website